About Us

Hello, welcome to the family!

My name is Barb Bailey and I'm the Owner/Designer/Hot Mess in Charge behind The Bailey Baby Boutique Co!

The Bailey Baby Boutique Co started when my daughter was born; I was unimpressed with the quality of baby and kids clothing available for purchase. So naturally, I decided to make my own!

With the development of my first few items (while selling to friends and family) I decided to expand my line! Naturally for me, this project took on a life of its own. Customers started to request new items and lots of them ended up being added to the shop! Two worlds collided: a degree in fashion design and 10 years of retail experience and I've been fortunate to get the best of both worlds! In 2019 we dabbled in designing our own prints. In 2020, we officially decided that all of our prints would be designed in house, and we now offer a mix of hand drawn and exclusive prints! We've also expanded our line with lots of adult items as well, the opportunities for matching outfits are endless!

I'm so grateful that I've been able to make this business my full time gig. Not only am I working full time (plus) hours, we're going into 2022 with five employees! We currently are entirely mom-run, giving moms the flexibility and opportunity to create their ideal work/life balance ❤️

Fun facts:

1) We make everything in house! This means that from start to finish, your order is in my hands or in the hands of the people I've trained and work with everyday! We put a lot of time, energy and effort into our training program with the goal that you won't be able to tell whether Barb or an employee has sewed your orders!

2) We're made entirely by moms for moms! Everyone on our team knows the frustrations of finding clothing that fits the fam. Whether your kiddo is a beanpole like mine, or you're rocking your mom bod and looking for comfy, flattering clothes, we've got you covered!

3) Barb is obsessed with cats, and we typically run cat prints often 😹

4) We put a lot of time, energy, planning and designing into everything we do. It's super important for us to have options for the whole family, as well as prints that can be mixed and matched across seasons. We actually do review textile and colour trends by season when we're designing, and putting our own spin on things! You won't find the same level of care put into creating prints anywhere else!

This business over the years, has become an absolute dream come true. When I first started, I had the idea that maybe in ten years time, I'd be able to accomplish a dream of having an army of moms at sewing machines. If you come to the shop on any given day, we actually do usually have at least 3-4 people working! I'm so grateful that I've been able to accomplish my goals, and give moms the workplace environment they need to thrive. I'm lucky to have a team of bright, talented individuals on board who often push me to perform my best for you all.

Thank you to each and every one of you! You make my dreams come true month after month, year after year.

Best wishes, warmest regards,

Barb xo